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New York House: The Faces of Sustainable Interior Design

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From New York House:

Paul Gleicher, President of Gleicher Design Group

Paul Gleicher is an accredited LEED practitioner who focuses on providing alternatives to his clientele on how they can live a healthier lifestyle without compromising the look and design of their homes or building.

During the designing, Gleicher’s company shows its clients many options of materials, pushing to incorporate cabinetry with no formaldehyde, fabrics with no toxins, and counter tops with recycled glass.

Gleicher and his wife co-authored Dreaming Green, a coffee table book filled with photographs and a list of resources for making your home green.

Gleicher has redone his own house, using the green practice he preaches. He believes his home is an inspiration for clients to show its easy to renovate green without sacrificing aesthetics.

“In the future we will see an amazing interest in interior design, more so than the past decade,” Gleicher said. “The future outlook will be more focused on how clients can spend their money, wanting more bang for the buck. And focusing on their personal environment, using green technology to make their environment healthier without sacrificing the look.”

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