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An Extraordinary Experiment in green buidling, passive solar and geothermal dehumidification, plus so much more in green, rural living…


A family home powered by photovoltaic panels, ultramodern homes built for maximum sunlight, recycled rubber roofs, and recycled scrap-metal countertops. Suburbia never looked so good…


Our own green townhouse with recycled fabrics and sustainable furniture, a paradise by the sea with solar hot water heat and soybean insulation. City life is going green…

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Lisa Sharkey on the Huffington Post

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Check out my article in the Huffington Post on why I live in a green house. When you’re done, take a tour on Huffington Post’s Green page…
Like millions of Americans, I want a safe environment for my family. Fast food gives me the creeps, toys made with chemicals scare me, as do ones that light up, make noises and contain screens for young children to stare at.

Before I became a mom, I never thought about any of this. But all that changed when I decided it was time to have children. Problem was, I couldn’t seem to carry a pregnancy to term. Three times in a row, I learned I was pregnant, only to suffer the pain of miscarriage.

As a journalist, my investigative skills took over as I tried to figure out what it was about me, or my environment that was causing the repeated pregnancy loss. I became much more sensitive to what was going on around me and what I was putting into my body.
When I finally did become a mom, those same concerns translated into the way I cared for my new baby, and eventually for all three of them.   Read more…

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