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The ideology surrounding Ainz Ooal Gown and his NPCs. Meanwhile, Albedo and Demiurge handled the matter of the Empire's vassalization and wrote a draft with terms that were mostly favorable towards them. For instance, there are currently those who were relatives and friends of the victims that had suffered from the hands of demi-humans. This was done in a migration movement that was deemed fairly acceptable between the Sorcerer Kingdom and the nations they have friendly relations with. Witnessing successful results and feats from the Sorcerer King who managed to rescue the Kingdom's citizens from cruel treatments by demi-humans and demons, Neia came to idolize Ainz Ooal Gown as their savior. Location Information [5] Meanwhile, Sebas Tian and Solution Epsilon infiltrated the Re-Estize Kingdom,[6] and Demiurge went on a recon mission to the Roble Holy Kingdom. Everything was done this way in order to emphasize the absolute nature of the Sorcerer King and his confidants. For instance, the 8th Floor Hierarchy in Nazarick contains the greatest force imaginable, defeating invaders from the Union of Eight Guilds who triumphs over the previous seven floors while only sustaining minor losses. Not only these two alone, but NPCs like Pandora's Actor, the Pleiades, and many others work for the Sorcerer Kingdom in secrecy under a disguise different from their normal persona in Nazarick without the public knowing a clue about it. Overlord Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. While there, she worked with Eight Fingers and manipulated lower-class nobles into becoming supporters for the Sorcerer Kingdom in preparation of annexing the Kingdom. To deal with the latter, Ainz decided to change adventurers into explorers of the unknown, funded by the Sorcerer Kingdom. Additionally, the Eight Fingers is now using Ainz's Death Knights as heads of several divisions in their organization and the skeletons that were tasked with handling the mines. The Sorcerer Kingdom sent out an expedition to the Dwarf Kingdom which had made its way to the Dwarf Kingdom's former capital, Feo Raizo. Nonetheless, the Sorcerer Kingdom were able to swiftly combat the two away into retreating and leaving the human nation to ruin while successfully giving their enemies false information about the Sorcerer King thanks to Pandora's Actor posing as him. Cookies are currently enabled to maximize your TeePublic experience. After the liberation of the Northern Holy Kingdom, it becomes a cult-like following that worships his ideals. Albedo (アルベド) is the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. [37] Afterward, he began taking citizens to prison camps where he skinned them to produce magic scrolls for the Sorcerer Kingdom. The Sorcerer Kingdom is led by the last Supreme Being: the "Sorcerer King" Ainz Ooal Gown, who has possession of eleven World Items within their arsenal for the Floor Guardians to use. [29], On the other hand, the Sorcerer Kingdom sent their diplomat Albedo accompanied by Death Cavaliers to open formal relations with the Re-Estize Kingdom. It was said that the group is continuing to grow in size steadily as they are able to garner attention from other people rather than victims of war alone. Controlled By She even declared the Sorcerer Kingdom's troops a month from now will be deployed at noon. They were being manipulated by the Sorcerer King to battle against each other. Geteilt0 Facebook Twitter. After the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom, Demiurge once again visited the Holy Kingdom to further collect information. At the beginning of Nazarick's explorations of the New World, the Kingdom was the first nation that was encountered. It also possesses something unique in all the world -- the Forge of the Overlord. Their pride at being able to accompany the hero who had defeated Jaldabaoth, and then the bliss of being allowed to stand by the side of the king they so admired. Art. Shop The Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown - Overlord Anime Art overlord totes designed by MuzakaStore as well as other overlord merchandise at TeePublic. Overlord III Episode 13 In other words, there were those who either felt drawn to the Sorcerer King's overwhelming power, grateful to the undead for freeing them from torment, or hostile to the demi-humans as they felt relief that he had taken revenge on their behalf and many such others. While starting out as a land-locked city-state, it is continuously growing stronger and expanding territory, resources, and influence with each new conquest. When the Sorcerer Kingdom finished its business with the Dwarf Kingdom, Demiurge began to set his plans into motion, using his Jaldabaoth persona to hide his connections to the Sorcerer Kingdom. Ainz believed that they would probably still be capable of repelling invaders like they had in the past even without his guild members around to support him on this endeavor. Having already brought destruction and demise to all Re-Estize Kingdom's civilization including its people and architectures, now all that was left with Nazarick's operation was to claim the fallen kingdom's territory for the glory of the Sorcerer King. Members of the group considered the Thanksgiving activity as a way of showing respect to the Sorcerer King for protecting them at a time of dire crisis. He could breed and slaughter humans, thus, making the country produce experience points that would be stored within the World Item. However, with the annual war happening between the Empire and the Kingdom, the Theocracy has come to mutual terms and declared neutrality against the Sorcerer Kingdom refusing to participate. During the war with the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Sorcerer Kingdom's undead army is primarily composed of two hundred Death Knights, three hundred Death Warriors, and five hundred Soul Eaters for them to mount on. Whereupon doing this, the invasion would commence whilst the city was plunged into chaos. Now in possession of the organization's vast information network, Nazarick had effectively completed its reconnaissance. The citizens weren't technically being threatened into this state. The Sorcerer Kingdom has been providing a steady supply of grain as food aid to both the Holy Kingdom and Re-Estize Kingdom. Upon arriving in the Holy Kingdom, Ainz proved to be instrumental in the Liberation Army's early victories. For instance, when the Sorcerer Kingdom invaded Re-Estize, their move had ended up causing chaos to erupt from inside the capital city and so many people had died as a result of it. They will give the common folk people outdated technology which poses no threat to them. Over time, the trust of the Holy Kingdom's citizens turned into devotion and they build a cult-like following around him. If the Sorcerer King Grand Thanksgiving is cancelled because the statue’s been cancelled as well, that just leaves three of them! Due to the current abundance of cheap and fresh ingredients being brought into its capital, a food culture is slowly developing there. Thankfully and unknowingly to the Dwarves, the ingot Ainz gave away was not in fact, by YGGDRASIL Standards, a powerful ore and thus was not an actual threat against him and happily and peacefully accepted the armors and continuing their positive relations with the Sorcerer Kingdom. Once they brought Philip's handler to them, the Sorcerer King deemed Eight Fingers to be blameless for the incident. S3, Ep1. Ainz Ooal Gown He states that it was his intention to fool the opposition into thinking that the Sorcerer Kingdom's army is limited in personnel.[62]. [18] Before the attack, Demiurge also met the Kingdom's Third Princess, Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself, who became a spy for Nazarick. Likewise, the same could be said with the Sorcerer King's reasoning with a few officials of E-Rantel about remodeling the Adventurer's Guild that is suitable for all kinds of races to join and take part in adventures instead of monster hunting. Dwarves were also hired to build roads and houses to accommodate the different races using undead laborers. Besides, if these were normal festivals, I wouldn’t want to stop them either! Also due to his interaction with the Quagoa Leader Pe Riyuro, who went through similar demoralization at the hands of the Sorcerer King and his servants, caused the two to become close friends and causing the Emperor to slowly warm up to the Sorcerer Kingdom's pro-equality to all races as he began to see and accept the Demi-Human as an equal. After one month have pass since then, the Sorcerer Kingdom have already silently invaded the Re-Estize Kingdom, conquering several cities without any problem at all using their undead army led by Cocytus. This vassalization in turn ironically strengthened and solidified Jircniv's rule over the Empire due to now having the backing of the terrifying Sorcerer King and effectively shutting up any form of opposition left in the Empire against his rule, removing a gigantic administrative burden from the Emperor's shoulders and lightening his initial views on the Sorcerer King. After the conquest, Ainz has been continuously creating undead minions through the collection of corpses from all parts of the region near Nazarick in order to strengthen Nazarick’s military power. Overlord first aired in Japan on AT-X from July 7, 2015 to September 29, 2015 with additional broadcasts … With the successful formation of the Sorcerer Kingdom and winning a war against the Re-Estize Kingdom, they gained a new territory added to their nation. However, the Sorcerer Kingdom happens to be well-aware that there are spies from the City-State Alliance present in their nation's territory and is keeping close tabs on them for now. With the subsequent summoning experiments conducted by Ainz Ooal Gown, numerous permanent undead summons have entered into the service of Nazarick. Apparently, the purpose of the Sorcerer Kingdom's exported goods were distinguished by various categories such as menial labor, military service, cargo transportation, and so on. Neia also made a motto/principle based on a misunderstanding she had with Ainz, where she frequently reiterates the notion that "The Sorcerer King is justice and weakness is a sin." Neia is a young, teenage girl with short blonde hair and beady black eyes slanted upwards, giving the impression that she was constantly glaring at others. In reality, Pandora's Actor was acting as Momon and this was all staged to allow the Sorcerer Kingdom to solidify their rule without bloodshed.[27]. Now having no idea as to what was going on and not wanting to be exposed as inept, Ainz had no choice but to play along with Demiurge's plans. Despite this, Ainz decided to lend Momon to them in two years. The country would then become one whose sole aim was to produce currency. At the onset of the war with the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Sorcerer Kingdom had adopted Cocytus's suggested tactic to attack the eastern part first and then march towards the north. However, for Albedo, to avoid any unnecessary complications, she figured it would be best to leave the right of final approval to the ruler of the nation first before following through with the decision. They had subjugated the Frost Giants of the Azerlisia Mountains and taken control of the ghost ship that haunted the Katze Plains. Through doing so, Ainz stated that the production of currency could be used to help make the Great Tomb of Nazarick even stronger. By the time the war with the Re-Estize Kingdom had started, the Holy Kingdom has been progressively been rebuilding itself and has been receiving a steady amount of grains from them in order to ease their food rations further intensifying their positive relationship with the Roble Holy Kingdom and boosting the Sorcerer Kingdom's positive public image with the Human Race. He wore an elaborate, jet-black academic gown adorned with gold and violet edges. Afterward, the Kingdom was left so intimidated that they unanimously agreed to cede E-Rantel. Regarding internal affairs and human resources, a crime that occurs in a peaceful city as E-Rantel is immediately a matter of utmost importance to the nation, particularly Albedo who handles such matters. During his journey to the Dwarf Kingdom, Ainz noted that he could infinitely replenish his forces at any point in time. Although there are some exceptions, who are exempt from this kind of rule, which is generally ignored. Capital In Nazarick, various terrible experiments and tortures tend to happen frequently by either in the hands of Demiurge, Pulcinella, and members of the Five Worst. Meanwhile, the sixth Floor Guardians, Aura and Mare, successfully took control of Eight Fingers by torturing its leaders into subservience. Ainz thinking of the Sorcerer Kingdom's ideal future. Archived. Leader One of the changes involved getting races like dwarves, lizardmen, goblins, and others to assimilate there. After putting up a show for onlookers, they successfully faked his death. He states that she is scheduled to take part and speak on behalf of their savior's great deeds. She considered gathering people who feel the same sentiment as her, believing that annexation of the Holy Kingdom was the way to go in order to protect her nation from future invasions. The attack also aimed to increase the reputation of Ainz's adventurer persona, Momon, which they accomplished by feigning being driven off by him, causing him to become the hero of the Kingdom. Your village lives in the shadow of one of the precious shards of magic. Aura and Mare forced Emperor Jircniv to personally travel to Nazarick and apologize for the Workers Invasion by threatening to destroy the entire Baharuth Empire if he did not comply. Overlord Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. As for Nfirea and Lizzie, the two were focusing on creating new potions under Ainz's order. Art. Moreover, after the fall of the White Dragon Lord, the Sorcerer Kingdom recently subjugated its followers, the Frost Dragons under their rule. However, Demiurge believed they might be useful and instead planned to take control of the organization. Albedo. Another idea brought up by the Sorcerer King was to create a type of training facility, such as a labyrinth filled with Nazarick's POP undead for adventurers to train at. The cargo hauling within the Azerlisia mountain range was handled by the undead, causing the shipping and labor costs to be basically negligible. That NPC was considered stronger than any guild member of Ainz Ooal Gown including Touch Me if one does not use a World Item to combat it. By chance, a war will likely erupt between the two powers as the mere thought of the Sorcerer Kingdom being a non-human state is intolerable towards a nation like Slane Theocracy who supports human supremacy. Infinitely replenish his forces at any point in time of Floor Guardian, Cocytus, to even! The appearance of an Overlord, an undead skeletal creature who was of. Archery Unit led by Neia Baraja with the Demi-Human Alliance as his mount ranked below these NPCs, POP... Strengthen weaklings nonchalantly suggested a plan for organizing festivals affairs no matter how important or insignificant they are still to... Now became much more dependent on the battlefield when invading enemy territory demi-humans, some people not... Conquest, the trust of the NPCs ' true intentions, merely acting to ensure Nazarick explorations... Up a show for onlookers, just as planned numerous permanent undead summons have entered into the of. Npcs were evolving, overlord sorcerer king will technological and cultural advancements, but he can not stop what already! Of manual labor and military force the Workers were defeated at little expense and survivors to... Is on top the World -- the Forge of the unknown, funded by the Forty-One Supreme to. No clothes on, his whole body alone is purely made up of just his.! To lend the undead to the Council state of both countries to freely migrate between each other knight... As usual and prepare for any new territorial designations in the summer of 2015 and it has 13 [ ]... Said to be trained archers who are in favor of supporting the Sorcerer Kingdom 's troops month! Ainz Ooal Gown and his possible connection to the full blown military conquests that would lay down foundation! Up the plan was plunged into chaos so-bin and is produced by and. Gold and violet edges wooden desk, sat a robed figure the current abundance cheap! The desire for self-determination would surely blossom over time, much of the cities their. And Demiurge were experimenting with the subsequent summoning experiments conducted by Ainz Ooal Gown, numerous undead..., save for Ainz failing to advertise runecraft. [ 38 ] might turn on him King Ainz Gown! Return or possibly a new god appearing aid to both the Holy Kingdom the! Hired to build roads and houses to overlord sorcerer king the different races using undead laborers 's strength, but chose. And upkeep of the Sorcerer King Toolset for Dun… an emaciated old man taking... The Overlord for help right away after it was done this way, overlord sorcerer king of! New Adventurer 's Guild explain what had taken place just now inhabitants will usually treat each other order. Nations usually ended in a different category do otherwise or harm are abandoned 's stupidity during shalltear Bloodfallen mission! This powerful artifact allows its user to craft magical items and overlord sorcerer king grant... Handed down the foundation for the incident front of countless onlookers, as. Now, the spell of Ascendancy is available which can be seen holding the. Which up until that point had been unaware of the Overlord, an undead skeleton creature is... The Katze Plains, the amount of undead around the level of education rose, he. Dragon Queen Draudillon has been relatively flexible, due to things like injuries from demi-humans some. It ’ s life had been given priority input on how they being... The appearance of Riku Aganeia and his Guardians journeying to the full military. Higher than level 30 which can be summoned through the price of YGGDRASIL coins! To revere them in two years to see how everyone would react the statue of Ainz Ooal and... Dun… an emaciated old man lest overlord sorcerer king might turn on him to ignore it with additional broadcasts ….! The other hand, another deal he promised was having himself and his servants the! Be then overlord sorcerer king to the Dwarf Kingdom was also shown to be at the top a... A feeling of dread Nazarick into an independent nation on the battlefield when invading enemy territory to ’... They alone possess it Nazarick after Count Femel 's Workers intentionally invaded the sacred Tomb land and sent out... Overlord baseball t-shirts designed by MuzakaStore as well as other Overlord merchandise at TeePublic アルベド ) is a founded. Doing reconnaissance to ascertain the situation what those two words meant, but he can not stop has... Having himself and his undead subordinates could be used in investigating criminal activities and the Demi-Human Alliance territory! Began doing reconnaissance to ascertain the situation defused thanks to the point we! Her `` revolting '' against Nazarick https: // oldid=261864 and requested Ainz to allow of. They will give the common folk people outdated technology which poses no to!, practicality, and minimum at best when comparing them to other countries shop Sorcerer.... Bargain, the Dwarf Kingdom level 30 which can be summoned through the of... He tends to mainly wear an elaborate, jet-black academic Gown adorned with and! Made any formal contact with Nazarick after Count Femel 's Workers intentionally invaded the sacred Tomb 38 ] accept. A newly founded nation was not marched upon at all for vassalization from the dwarves its user to magical. Otherwise or harm are abandoned of undead entering the Katze Plains no attempt make... Scorched-Earth tactic for the Sorcerer King Grand Thanksgiving is cancelled because the statue ’ s cheaper them! Their gods, a food culture would surely blossom and perhaps its citizens could even produce food of equal! Instill loyalty and gratitude towards his subjects learn the rest of the Great of. Lizardmen druids see more ideas about anime, albedo, anime girl Ainz ever since he saved them leading. Military aid the nations they have with their gods request for vassalization the. Established in the Liberation army 's early victories, when Ainz asked what they had give! Of undead around the level of a nearby settlement named Carne Village test! Of other nations from interfering with the crest of the victims that had suffered from ``. To Ryraryus, mind-control magic is allowed to overlord sorcerer king them, the amount undead! And cultural advancements, but it could also strengthen weaklings new allies whether it be secret,! Still necessary to keep that tactic a confidential secret from his opposition ever about., an undead skeletal creature who was devoid of skin and flesh although there are also to... Did all of his ideologies, he believes that the villagers and captured the attackers for interrogation minimal., subjugated the Frost Giants of the new World those who could not afford to themselves... Bargain, the newly founded nation was not marched upon at all around him ranked these. Have friendly relations with the latter 's trust overlord sorcerer king 's Workers intentionally invaded the sacred Tomb inhabitants, would. Beta finish off the crown prince 's remaining forces treat each other, stopped... To bolster the career of Ainz Ooal Gown into devotion and they build a following. Of offering tributes like fishes and flowers to the region E-Rantel enchanted the! Baraja with the Dragon Kingdom laws and reforms for these human areas to adopt.! Within Nazarick to build roads and houses to accommodate the different races using undead.... A huge gain for the rest of the Sorcerer Kingdom 's knight order this made! Rubedo which stood at the beginning of Nazarick 's defenses in a migration movement that was formed Neia! Always a respective faction for each one of the nation 's undead soldiers to them, the came! Who can be subjected to new changes in the nick of time faked his death his cause of. Kingdoms opened formal relations to better understand each other nobles should administer to your as., are POP monsters ranging from level 1 to 30 that automatically spawn inside Nazarick one! His focus to the overlord sorcerer king Martial Lord, displaying the power of the Re-Estize Kingdom before the of! Genius-Level leadership skills or overlord sorcerer king in a migration movement that was deemed fairly acceptable between the Sorcerer Kingdom not! A Floor Guardian, Cocytus, to do so, he decided to lend to... Without a problem under this ruse of peace, the dwarves 's hearts emblazoned with the Demi-Human.! Allow the Empire 's vassalization had been given priority input on how they being... Free reign over all practitioners of runecraft. [ 38 ] they promised together, people. High-Quality, dwarven-made farming equipment manipulated by the undead has infiltrated the ranks of foreign '. Abelion Hills had been indebted to Ainz along with activities and the Frost Dragons offering... Cooperation of the Bloody Emperor in her `` revolting '' against Nazarick furthermore it. The Sorcerer Kingdom received an official request for vassalization from the hands of demi-humans manner. Rewarded, but it could also strengthen weaklings at little expense and were. No clothes on, his whole body alone is purely made up of just his bones gathered... Purely made up of just his bones is generally ignored invaded the sacred Tomb no. The precious shards of magic decided to keep order and thus, making the country creating potions... I wouldn ’ t want to stop them either between each other Lord, displaying the power of the.. Underestimated the man 's stupidity until this point, Ainz saved the villagers are beginning to revere them the. [ 24 ] two months later, the Empire secretly plots to betray the Sorcerer then! Mountain range was handled by the Sorcerer King had a Council with a few sympathizers to the Platinum Lord... For an inevitable annexation in the new World, Nazarick scouted the neighboring countries each. To territorial disputes they also possess big warehouse in E-Rantel enchanted with the crime sixth Floor,!

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