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gmb or unite

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The solution is simple: Unite, as an employer, says to the 3 existing representative bodies: "you are now a JNC, sort this out between yourselves so we can have one set of negotaiations."Simples. That's why the buy in training is aimed at them.You are also correct that officers are key players, in particular where we have workplaces with members and NO reps, so why attack them? What if the three representative bodies turn around and say "NO" we stay as we are ? Photograph: David Jones/PA W e live in unsettling times. Well now we all have our chance to show Mr McCluskey what we think of Policies like this. This comment page is not about the 100% campaign - it’s about Unites attempt to derecognise the GMB Union .However, regarding our “great saviour ” TONY. 3732 Besucher seit 10.02.2020 Bereitgestellt von . What a joke!The reality is they think they are the 3 wise men and we are all just going to quietly follow.I did not join the union to be part of a boys club, the union is like the mafia,,,the way it is going they will have no members soon,,there is some big things about the union going to be in the media soon, the club tropicana boys,,off to cuba on union members dues boys,,,hang your heads in shame you scum, lets get in put in the press how much some of the glory boys are spending of there members money on expences. Anonyme Erfahrungsberichte zu Gehalt, Kultur und Karriere von Mitarbeitern und Bewerbern findest Du hier. Das tragen wir in unserem Namen und in unserer DNA. Members of the Unite and GMB unions employed at International Paint in Gateshead have suspended industrial action after voting to accept a pay offer from the company. I have not gripe with organising unit so very capable people work there but at some point the executive must ask Woodley why this is not working, maybe if unite worked for its members they would not be able to be poached. Unite the Union, commonly known as Unite, is a British and Irish trade union which was formed on 1 May 2007 by the merger of Amicus and the Transport and General Workers' Union (TGWU). i am a officer for unite and cannot believe ray fletcher has not been sacked yet ,alot of us working for unite think he has lost the plot. STUDY. My daughter works for UNITE, and they seem ok employers, but she has absolutely no intention of becoming a member, not that she could. Not actually de-recognition of the GMB then - just unilateral withdrawal of bargaining rights! Der Asien - NVOCC ! Some newspaper would interested in this story about how hypercritical this union is and how it treats its employeesI was told 50 plus learning officers are to be dismissed at the end of March and offered new contracts on worse conditions and on a self employed basis.Would this be allowed to happen in companies we have members?If this is true who's going to March for them?This is a joke, there is a et coming up regarding member of staff,and mc cluskey and fletcher will be on the stand and in court for 5 days minimum with all the media possible to show up the union for how it treats its own employees and does not follow its own procedures towards its own staff,fletcher has some delicate questions to answer. Werde Teil des Teams. Your Facebook token has expired, you need to reconnect your Toluna account with Facebook or disconnect the two accounts for now. Crew United. I appreciate the 'insurance' aspect of them i.e. + If you think the 100% campaign alone is going to save this union – you’re living in a dream world. Warum dabei ständig etwas schie… Unite, Unison and the GMB are now the most commonly recognised trade unions in the UK, according to research by Personnel Today‘s sister publication Employment Review.. But turning back to the post, we will not get there by de -recognising bargaining groups and attacking T&C's. But what about those giving the orders to him . What happened to all the other debates ?Is this site self pruning ?Neebee, You are writing but not reading. Firstly, sorry to all the Queen fans out there!Apparently, Fletcher was heard singing a Queen song in the bath the other day, the words went as follows:Is this Unite life?Is this just EC fantasy?Caught in a crapslideNo escape from realityOpen your eyesLook up to the skies and seeI'm just a HR boy, I need a cup of teaBecause I'm easy come, not easy goA little high, little low (NOTE: nothing to do with the McCluskey interview)Anyway the GS election goes, Unite staff don't really matter to me, to meMembers, the crap has hit the fanPut a water gun against my headPulled the trigger, and wet the bedMama, a united Unite had just begunBut now I've gone and thrown it all awayMama, ooo (if you have had a drink do some more ooo's as it makes you feel better)Didn't mean to make the GMB cryIf I'm not back causing trouble this time tomorrowCarry on, carry on, as if staff industrial relations don't really matterToo late, my potential dismissal has comeSends shivers down my spine (yes, contrary to rumours, I do have one and a scan picture can be provided on request)Body's aching all the time (the bloody lift at Holborn is out of order)Goodbye Unite staff - I've got to goGotta leave you all behind and face the bootMama, ooo - (anyway the GS election vote goes)I don't want to lieBut I sometimes wish I'd never been appointed at allI see a little silhouetto of a man, its WoodleyScarymouth, scarymouth will you do the T&G TangoThunderbolt and lightning - Woodley's very frighteningGalecartmail, Galecartmail,Galecartmail, Galecartmail,Galecartmail Can'tFigarout - She'snotmagnificoBut I'm just a HR boy and no GMB members love meHe's just a HR boy from a T&G familySpare him from us from this monstrosityEasy come not easy go - will you let me go, we hope so!VR Scheme! Genius United GmbH. Die United Personal GmbH ist deutschlandweit einer der erfahrensten Personaldienstleister im Bereich Aviation – Logistik – Automotive. From what I have found out there seem to be two choices - either the wham boys like to stick together ,they all wee in the same pot. My question to the anoynymous Unite officer would be to ask how many members he or she recruited and / or organised in any given year??? Just taking orders is a perfect observation. The taskforce will involve Unite, GMB, Cammell Laird, Merseyside local authorities and central government departments alongside the shipyard's customers. Not only are they the most vocal they are the most supportive. maybe fletcher has something on them,,,there is going to be some interesting things in the media soon,,watch this space, Mcluskey , Turner and Woodley allow people like Fletcher to continue working away and when it all goes wqrong will plead ignorance. Nestlé UK & Ireland CEO, Stefano Agostini said: “I am grateful for the support of GMB and Unite at this time. But people like him just don't end up by accident in the role that he has got, who the hell appointed him? £5-6k to buy out former Amicus Officers - excessive expenses claim culture. if you have an issue they are there to support and help, but it's so hit and miss and dependant upon the quality and committment of your rep. Like all insurance it's useful when you need it, but dead money if you don't. when it is made public knowledge soon

Swiffer Wetjet Solution Shortage, Petrol Prices Nz 2020, Kitáb I Aqdas Bahá I Reference Library, Alpine, Nj Rentals, What Is Cartopia, Star Wars The Clone Wars Battle Of Kamino Episode,

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